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Houston Shelving Manufacturer & Distributor, Shelving Concepts, Introduces Warehouse Design Building Tool

Houston, Texas (Marketwire) August 24, 2010 – Houston shelving company manufacturer and distributor, Shelving Concepts, is pleased to announce a new interactive warehouse building tool, which will allow companies to envision and design custom warehouse space.

With extremely user friendly navigation, clients can visit the warehouse design tool, located at There they will be guided to all the key elements of warehouse design including room dimensions, structural elements including walls, doors, columns and stairways; shelving, pallet racks, furniture and forklifts.


User Friendly Website Enables Warehouse Design for Any Size Company

Tom Amoruso is the CEO of Shelving Concepts (, Durarack ( and Dixie Shelving ( Dixie Shelving has been providing industrial steel shelving and storage solutions for various government and commercial organizations, schools, businesses and the public since 1958.


In 2005, Shelving Concepts made their acquisition of Dixie Shelving, well-known as a leading provider of affordable shelving products, and recently built the design a warehouse tool.

Dixie Shelving, under the ownership of Shelving Concepts, continues to be a leader in the field of storage technology.


“After researching helpful design tools available in other industries, I discovered the storage industry was in need of a similar option for meeting their design and space saving planning needs more efficiently.” said Amoruso. “We designed this tool to better assist storage and shelving customers with their arrangement and planning requirements.  This software will help them make more effective choices when purchasing our products.”


About Shelving Concepts
Shelving Concepts is a privately held company founded by Tom Amoruso. Since 1987, the company has emerged as a regional leader in pallet rack sales in Houston and Southeast Texas. In addition to pallet racking sales, Shelving Concepts has an extensive inventory of file shelving, widespan shelving, rivet shelving and cantilever rack shelving. The company recently introduced the Shelving Concepts user friendly interactive warehouse building tool.


For more information, please contact:
Tom Amoruso
Shelving Concepts
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