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Start by standing 4 posts vertically with round area of the stamped "keyhole" pattern up. Next select one of the shorter 2RB's ( 2 rivet beam ) that are meant for the shorter front to back dimension. The bottom rivet on the lowest beam should be plaeed no higher than the third keyhole from the bottom. Place beam in post so that rivets go in from the "inside" of the angle allowing the other beams to be placed at the same elevation and also on the inside of the angle. ( See figure 2 ) Firmly tap beam into place. A rubber hammer is ideal for this. Rivets need not be forced to the bottom of the slot to be seated properly. ( See figure 2 ) Next install the top level at the elevation needed. It does not have to be at the top of the post. Next install the middle levels. Place the two posts beside the just completed posts and use it as a guide so elevations are exactly the same. ( See figure 1 )



Next place the 2RB's that will go between the tow sets of posts that were just built ( usually the longer 2RB's ) into the posts at the same level as the lowest level in the just built posts. Install both sides and tap them into place. ( See figure 3 ) Next place remaining posts into position and tap into place each of the lower 2RB's. ( See figure 4 ) Next place 2RB's at the top elevation to match those already in place in posts. Place remaining 2RB's into the middle elevations to match beams already in place in posts.

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If supplied the next step is to install the fore/aft braces between the wider 2RB's with nuts and bolts provided. Flange goes up but may not be at same level as flange on 2RB's.
( See figure 5 )


You are now ready to place decking onto shelf levels. Your
new DIXIE Widespan shelves are ready to use.
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