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Welcome to Shelving Concepts Online, where you go for all of your shelving and racking needs! Our company has been providing a service to the Houston, TX area and more since the late 90’s. Our Dixie Shelving line has been holding the weight since 1958. We are a family owned and operated manufacturer; therefore, we do our best to keep up with the giants in the industry. What is our industry you might ask? Well, our industry is Material Handling & Safety, but we specialize in industrial storage. Safety is the main goal of our sales team and staff here. One mistake in over loaded capacities or wrong loading practices can lead to serious injuries or death in our industry.


Here at Shelving Concepts, we have a full operational fabrication shop. If one of our customers need a highly specific component, we try to accommodate our customer as best we can and provide that service with the materials we regularly manufacture. If we cannot make a certain item, we outsource it to one of our multiple different vendors that can manufacture in house. Our top 4 products that we manufacture in house are as follows: Dixie Industrial Metal Shelving, Dixie Boltless Rivet Shelving, Selective Teardrop Style Pallet Rack, & Structural Cantilever Rack.

 Quality Control and Dealer Network:

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on quality of product and customer service. Our warehouse staff work 6 days a week, and our sales reps are always on call if you have a racking emergency. We currently sell to end users and have a dealer network across multiple states that we have grown over the years. Our dealer network spans all the way from Texas to California to Illinois to South Carolina to Arkansas and Louisiana. We are glad to have you on the site, and we hope to keep you updated with our growth and industry knowledge that every warehouse worker and manager should be aware of for their safety. Safe Storing!

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